Lost Song: Music and Magic With a Healing Message At Its Core


Just wow.

So, I recently finished watching this anime called Lost Song. A friend of mine had wanted me to watch a different anime, but I wasn’t really feeling it at the time, so I come across this one instead. I saw a medieval fantasy setting with a music-based magic system and thought, “Cool, okay, I’ll give it a whirl. Makes me think of the series I’m working on right now, The Gailean Quartet.”

Again, wow.

I truly don’t want to give away any spoilers, because it’s definitely a show you should experience for yourself. But allow me to at least praise it without giving too much away.

The series did remind me of my Gailean Quartet for the musical magic aspect. Its fantasy setting and world-building also reminded me of Zelda, my favorite game series. But the emotion is what really set it apart for me. By the end of episode one, you already know what kind of show it’s gearing up to be; much like Game of Thrones, it isn’t afraid to be intense and do things that have you covering your mouth, staring at the screen wide-eyed. As much as I wanted to keep watching, I had to brace myself for each episode because I knew some new emotional happenstance was about to go down, whether something beautiful and whimsical or something unbelievably tragic. That’s not to say the series doesn’t end well, because it does! But it’s not what you think it will be starting out; about half-way through, you learn a major plot twist and some truths are revealed that are SO GOOD I could talk about them all day…but again, I don’t wanna spoil anything.

Overall, the characters are great–I was very emotionally invested in them–and the artwork and music are gorgeous. One song in particular is quite haunting; I’ve taken to listening to it on repeat and crying. Lol. I do think I connected with show as well because I could see myself in both the main female characters, especially due to recentish events in my own life.

Lost Song carries with a lovely message of love, forgiveness, healing, and the importance of finding one’s passion and purpose. The message of healing especially touched me on a personal level. The truth that in order for real healing to occur we must face our feelings, face all of the pain, love, and memories, instead of pushing them aside or throwing them away, is a powerful one that I think many need to hear.

I 1000% recommend this show. Even if you’re not an anime fan, if you’re a lover of medieval fantasy and/or shows that will really make you feel and think and dig deep inside yourself, then this is the show for you. I can’t even start another show right now because I’m still processing all the magic and beauty that is Lost Song.

Fantastical Hiking

Me and Brother Adam (okay he’s not REALLY my brother, but he’s like one, and also we have this running joke that him, me, and his girlfriend Loryn are this Mormon pirate threesome) went hiking at the Rim Rock Recreational Trail here in Illinois. And I gotta say: how breathtaking! We had fun climbing everything possible, exploring every nook and cranny. The place had so many different kinds of scenery, I was got hints of Lothlorien, the Mines of Moria, Pride Rock, Narnia, even the Land Before Time series. We even climbed the steps of Cirith Ungol and lived to tell the tale. Enjoy these highlights from our adventure!!

My Future Dream Cast

I am so totally supposed to be doing edits for one of my books right now. I so totally don’t feel like it and am gonna so totally keep stalling by trolling Facebook and posting this lovely blog post for y’all.

I am sure many of you are aware of the recent hype that there is gonna be a live action version of “Beauty and the Beast” starring Emma Watson as well as a live action version of “The Little Mermaid” starring Chloe Moretz. Both these girls are favorite actresses of mine and secret (well, not after I publish this) girl crushes. I absolutely adore them.

So I decided I was inspired to whip up a quick post honoring all of my favorite actors and actresses that I would love to see star in a film made after one of my books, if such a film was ever made. I think meeting and/or working with any of these lovely, talented folks would be a real treat.

Here they are:

  1. blog12Elijah Wood. I fell in love with his adorable rosy face from the moment he was Frodo. Of course, I was already in love with Frodo from story-travelling into the Lord of the Rings books (I had quite the imaginative, adventurous childhood). Frodo was my first husband that really mattered, after Darkwing Duck. He is still my favorite and probably always will be (shh…don’t tell Draco or James from Pokemon or any of the others). Striking eyes + eternal boyish innocence = eternal heartthrob.
  2. blog11Emma Watson. I mean, do I need to say more? She is Emma Watson. Smart, talented, pretty and cute, and with eyes that could kill–in a mischievously seductive good way.
  3. blog2Chloe Moretz. From Carrie to Let Me In to every creepy or non-creepy thing in between, she is a kick-ass actress and absolutely gorgeous besides. Those lips. Ugh.
  4. blog3Saoirse Ronan. Everything I have ever seen her in are amongst my favorite films. Always with fantastical elements and a deep message at their core. I love the innocence and realness she brings to her characters. If you haven’t, you should definitely check out the following coming-of-age fantasy/dystopian films starring this talented lady: Byzantium, How I Live Now (warning: YOU WILL CRY SO MUCH), and The Host. Like Emma, her gaze is striking, but in a pure, sees-down-to-your-soul type of way.
  5. blog10Tom Felton. Because Draco Malfoy. That’s pretty much all I need to say.
  6. blog9Alan Rickman because he is some kind of magical acting genius.
  7. blog8Elle Fanning. Look at her. Just LOOK. AT. HER. Too damn adorable. You just feel this insatiable need to cuddle her to death.
  8. blog7Like, the entire cast of Game of Thrones.
  9. blog6blogBut since #8 is probably an unrealistic expectation, at least Emilia Clarke, Kit Harrington, Peter Dinklage, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Jacob Anderson. If I need to tell you why, you have lived under a box the past few years. A sad, moldy, dilapidated box. These people are all beautiful, I would date each and every one, and their characters and how they portray them are amazing.
  10. blog5Gerard Butler. Because The Phantom of the Opera was the first movie in which I literally had a breakdown and sobbed so hard my mom thought I might need to be taken to the hospital. Well done, Mr. Butler. Well done, indeed (he was also one of my husbands, after the late Mr. Frodo).
  11. blog4Liv Tyler. Because everything that is Arwen.


There may indeed be others, but these are the favorites that come immediately to mind.

What are your own favorite actors and actresses? Who would you love to work with, if you could? Feel free to comment in the comments.

Artist of the Week: Ralph Vaughan Williams

I grew up listening to classical music and have to say it is my favorite genre to this day. From pieces by more traditional composers like Beethoven, Mozart, and my personal favorite, Tchaikovsky, to pieces from more modern composers, like Nicholas Hooper, Alexandre Desplat, John Williams, Howard Shore, and all those other amazing soundtrack composers, no other type of music induces quite the same level of inspiration, magic, and strong, real emotions for me.

I’ve chosen to feature Vaughn Williams this week because, while he may not be my favorite artist overall, he did compose what has been my favorite piece of music since I first heard it as a young child and always will be till the end of time: Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis.

I suppose I was somewhere around ten, eleven…twelve perhaps when I first heard Fantasia. My aunt had gotten me this little radio with headphones, and I accidentally happened upon our local classical station; I didn’t know such a station existed, so I was happy at that discovery alone. But I will never forget the magic of the first song I listened to on that station. It was Vaughn William’s Fantasia. I lay in bed, listening, and as I listened, the entirety of the magical garden of Kezia the Fairy from the Legends of Surprisers series I was writing at the time unfolded before me, and it was beautiful, real, almost tangible.

From then on, whenever that song would come on, I would stop, listen, and let that beauty take hold of me again. Then, one day, at long last, I found a CD with Fantasia as one of its songs.

It is actually a great dream of mine to someday hear and see this song played by a live symphony; from my research, it seems like this is done mostly in Europe. Ahh, perhaps someday when I am able to go overseas and see castles and other wonders I will be able to hear this song as well.

I share this epic, amazing song with you now. Maybe you be blessed, inspired, and uplifted as I have been. Here is Ralph Vaughn Williams’ Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis:

To learn more about Ralph Vaughn Williams’ life and work, visit this website for the Ralph Vaughn Williams Society: