First “William” Batch of Books Sent Off!

Once again, congrats to all those who entered my Goodreads give-away for my first fully illustrated children’s book, The Adventures of William the Brownie! 1,245 of you entered, and of those, twenty-one of you were blessed with winning the give-away!

As of this evening, autographed copies are in the mail. Super excited; I hope my new readers enjoy these early Christmas presents!!

“William” Released at Last!

Page 23_ver3Well, obviously I missed that midnight release post; I admit I passed out last night for some much-needed sleep.

But the ebook version of The Adventures of William the Brownie is now available, and the print version should be available for purchase on Amazon in just a few days.

Thanks again to all my readers, and congrats to all the Goodreads contest winners!

To sample the ebook version or purchase a copy, check out this link:

“William” Release Happenin’ Tonight!!

Page 27Hullo, readers, friends, and fans!

The release of my first children’s book, The Adventures of William the Brownie, draws nigh–only six hours away!

I’ll be doing another post as soon as the Smashwords ebook copy goes live; the print version may not be available on Amazon straight away.

Also, tonight is your last chance to enter the Goodreaders give-away; twenty-one lucky winners, and you could be one of ’em!

Remember that a percentage of all royalties made from William will go toward supporting two charities, NACAC and CAFO, that help with finding adoptive families and foster homes for children within the United States.

Thanks so much, and let the countdown begin!!

First Children’s Book To Help Support Charities

Cover_v7_textAs many of you know, I have been working with artist Kishiro, also known as Philip San Gaspar, for the past few months to create my first illustrated children’s chapter book, The Adventures of William the Brownie. The book has been finished for some weeks; right now, I’m in the process of having some final things formatted. The official release date is November 21, 2014, so it’s coming up fast!

I’ve decided to do something different with this book than I have done in the past. One of the themes explored in the book is that of adoption. I have always had a passion for adoption; I believe it to be God’s will that I someday adopt, be a foster parent, or maybe even start some kind of charity for orphans/foster children myself.

In the meantime, I am doing what I can by pledging to donate twenty-five percent of all royalties made from William the Brownie to the following charities: The North American Council on Adoptable Children(NACAC) and the Christian Alliance for Orphans(CAFO).

The main reason I have selected both of these charities is because their main focus is on helping children specifically in the United States, and that’s important to me. While it’s a wonderful thing to help children around the world, my particular passion has always been to help the children right here in the States; if I do adopt someday, I intend to adopt a child from the States.

NACAC’s focus is entirely on helping place children in the States who were once considered unadoptable or hard-to-place in good homes. CAFO does have a couple of charities that extend to other countries, but their main focus is also the States, and they have a variety of programs to help place children in good families. They also help currently existing foster families, as well as widows and adoptive families, to be taken care of and succeed.

I am really excited to publish this book and not only get it in the hands of children and adults alike–I think it’s a great little adventure with a message of courage, love, and what it means to be a family–but also to be able to use the book to help children who, like one of the characters in the book, need a good home.

Thanks so much to all my readers for their support and for joining me in this new adventure. Together, we can bring families together and help make a great difference in the lives of children and adults alike.Page 27