Book Review: Puzzle of the Two-Headed Dragon

dragon_frontHullo, readers!

I am happy and honored to share the latest review for one of my children’s books, The Puzzle of the Two-Headed Dragon. Below is my favorite snippet from reviewer Aimee Ann:

“The Puzzle of the Two-Headed Dragon is one of the most well-developed children’s stories I have ever come across, and so I am so happy I have discovered this book because books with such a high quality such as this one are rare to come by!”

What high and humbling praise!

Feel free to read the full review here:

Thanks very much to Ms. Aimee for taking the time to read, so thoroughly enjoy, and review my work.

God bless, happy reading, and may you all be inspired!


Book-signings, Artwork, and Berries–Oh my!!

20150530_102903Wow. So a few hours ago, I finished participating in a book-signing associated with Trinity Service’s Strawberry Festival. I have been posting about this event for some time, but at last, the big day arrived, and let me just say what a fun and awesome experience!! I met some great people, sold and signed more books than I ever would have imagined. It was truly a fun, exhilarating, but also humbling experience.

20150530_103302And you know what I learned from it? That this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Inspire and help people through my creativity. All my life, I have known this is both what I want to do and what I am meant to do, the path God has for me. Today it all paid off. Today was the the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in my life. A chapter I will continue to write as I inspire as many people as I can with my stories.

My Children's Lit teachers from college--still reading my stuff!! My, but my writing has come such a long way since then.

My Children’s Lit teachers from college–still reading my stuff!! My, but my writing has come such a long way since then.

But the Strawberry Festival wasn’t all about me. The signing was a great personal triumph but was only a small part of went on today!! Today was all about raising awareness for the awesome work we do at Trinity Services to help adults with disabilities live full and abundant lives. We featured much of their artwork for sale, including original paintings and barn quilts. We had food, fresh-picked strawberries, and a band came to play blue grass music. Clients, staff, and locals joined together for a grand time of fun and fellowship. It was a simple but beautiful thing.

Please enjoy these pictures as a sample of this wonderful experience. I hope everyone who got a book today is blessed and truly inspired!!

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And the Books Keep Coming…

Just like the dwarves in The Hobbit, the books for my signing on May 30th just keep coming. Forget Midas and his gold; I’m swimming in a sea of books.

Twenty-five percent of all profits from the signing will go to ALFA, a charity that helps fund Trinity Service’s many great programs like culinary and art for adults with disabilities.

If you live near Mascoutah, IL, consider coming out to our Strawberry Festival on May 30th!! That’s where I’ll be doing the signing. Feel free to message me here or on Facebook for more details.

“In the Land of Giants” First Sketches

Here is a sneak peek at some early sketches for “In the Land of Giants,” one of two fully illustrated children’s books currently in the works. It’s a fantasy adventure featuring many characters with various disabilities. Many thanks to Karla Ortega, my brilliant artist!!

“Dream Catcher’s” New Look

Hello, dearest readers!!

So I have this book-signing opportunity coming up in May 30. Part of my earnings will go toward supporting my place of work, Trinity Services. At Trinity, we provide both a day program and residential services to adults with disabilities.

In honor of this event, I’ve decided to give a whole new look to my short story, “Dream Catcher, Heart Listener,” which tells the story of a blind girl. In her dreams, she is visited by a mysterious young man who shows her colors and all sorts of things she would never be able to see in her waking hours. But he won’t show her what he looks like or tell her who he is… Hmm, like what’s up with that? Guess you’ll have to read to find out!

The story was previously available only as an ebook, but I’ll be coming out with a print version as well. Something short, sweet, and great for promotional purposes. Here’s a screenshot of me putting the cover together on Createspace. Artwork courtesy of Karla O. Thanks, Karla!!

Screenshot 2015-03-01 14.23.54


Please Help Create Book To Support Folks with Disabilities!

AmazinK6y7color (1)Hullo, family, friends, and fans! I have just launched my first Indiegogo project. It’s for the creation and publication of my latest children’s book, “The Amazing K,” and I need your help!

The book is very special for a couple of different reasons. First of all, the main heroes of the book are children with disabilities. I feel like fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure are all genres where folks with disabilities don’t get nearly enough screen time, especially as main characters. Hence, the creation of this book, where they get to star as the main heroes.

Secondly, upon publication, I’ll be giving 25% of all royalties from the book to ALFA, a foundation which helps create and fund programs for folks with disabilities at Trinity Services. I work for Trinity, so I know from personal experience that they provide a lot of great programs for our folks, including art, music, culinary, and gardening. I would like to see these programs continue to grow and thrive; hence donating part of my royalties to the cause.

That’s where YOU come in! Please check out the link to the project, and if you’re able to pledge to give, please do so! All funds will go toward the creation and publication of the book. And in return, you get some great prizes, such as autographed copies of the book.

But you only have until the end of December 30 to give! So please, show some Christmas spirit and give a little. If yuo can’t give, please help spread the word through Facebook, twitter, and other social media. Together we can make this book a reality and, by doing so, support a great program that helps folks with disabilities learn, grow, and express their own creativity.

To check out the project and make a pledge, visit this link:

Thank you so much!

~ Christine E. Schulze