The Amielian Legacy

The Amielian Legacy is a vast fantasy comprised of short stories, stand-alone books, and series for ages ranging from children to young adult. The Amielian Legacy creates a fantastical history for North America in much the same way that Tolkien’s Middle Earth created a mythology for Europe. While it’s not necessary to read any particular book or series to read the others, they do ultimately weave together to create a single overarching mythology.

Of Loz and North America: the Amielian Universe

The setting for my upcoming series, The Gailean Quartet, is part of the Lozolian Realm, which includes Loz, Hyloria, Carmenna, and Spaniño. These islands, along with the Spectrum Isles and several others, are also known collectively as Zephyr’s Islands. Stories such as Larimar: Gem of the Sea and One Starry Knight take place on Zephyr’s Islands.

Both the Lozolian Realm and the Realm of the Seven Kingdoms were said to have been located along the western coast of North America and on many of the islands located off its western shores, before the continent was “discovered” by Europeans. According to legend, the peoples of these realms lived in harmony alongside the Native Americans; some Native Americans tribes considered these ancient races guardian spirits or gods.

The Lozolian and Seven Kingdoms Realms knew of two other realms and named them accordingly: the mysterious Eastern Realm, which consisted of the yet un-explored (for their part) regions of North America, and the yet more mysterious Western Realm (which we know as Asia and Europe).

The races of the Lozolian Realm were more reclusive; much later, certain of their islands would even be made invisible by protective magic. But the Seven Kingdoms in particular were very curious, always eager to learn, and often sent explorers into the Western Realm, using magic to disguise themselves. From their adventuring, they accepted many new beliefs, languages, and customs, blending them with their own unique cultures.

Once the Europeans began colonizing the Americas, it is said the magical races of the Lozolian and Seven Kingdoms Realms received some persecution; some of the settlers considered them evil because of their magic, while others thought their magic a boon and sought to take it. Eventually, the Seven Kingdoms were overthrown; many escaped to Zephyr’s Islands where they would remain safe and undetected for many years.

Centuries later, persecutions faded as enlightenment replaced fears and misconceptions. Treaties were set up between the U.S. government and the Fairy Council (the current government of what remains of the Lozolian Realm) which allowed everyone of magical descent to live in the United States as citizens, provided their magic did not cause harm to those of non-magical descent. The Fairy Council agreed, with a promise from the U.S. that their kind would be allowed to have their own schools where they could safely teach their children how to learn and control their magic. Some schools had already existed for centuries, namely on the hidden Zephyr’s Islands, and new ones were quickly established throughout the states.

Thus, peace was constructed and still exists between the magic and non-magic peoples of North America to this day. Many fairies, elves, and other magical beings often still choose to keep their magic discreet, but it is no longer necessary to hide it because of fear or persecution from the law.

The Gailean Quartet helps tell this important history of the mythos surrounding North America, while A Shadow Beyond Time, The Stregoni Sequence, and other stories in The Amielian Legacy give proof that this vast, parallel world of magic continues to exist right within our own world to this very day.

Of Macroworlds and Microworlds

While many of the adventures in The Amielian Legacy place in our own world, some take place in completely different worlds, such as the world of Sulaimon in Bloodmaiden and the world of Bienvinette in Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress.

It is said that at the beginning of time, Amiel, great Creator and Protector of all worlds, created eight Macroworlds. These worlds are all accessible to each other, all interconnected. They are known as Earth, Novalight, Allyslies, Sulaimon, Bienvinette, Emreal, Fairie, and Etymology (the last of which is known also as “the first world” and better known as the “Elemental World”). Each world has its own races, history, even its own innate magical dynamic. For example, the world of Fairie is a phoenix world. It dies in ash and flame every five hundred years, only to be resurrected anew; thus its cycle will continue until the end of time.

Microworlds are much smaller and can only be reached through the Macroworld in which they are housed. For example, in Lily in the Snow, readers discover the Microworld of Spherice. Spherice is a part of the Macroworld of Etymology and can only be reached through Etymology. One could not find Spherice from Novalight or one of the other Macroworlds.

Our world is just one of many that each work together to play their part in a much vaster story. Perhaps you may find yourself stumbling into one of these other worlds someday. In the meantime, please continue to enjoy their stories which, as you will see in the end, are just as much a part of your own story as you are.