You and your friends can star in the adventure in these personalized books from Book by You!


How many pages: 137

Who is it for: Ages 6 to 12

Where to find itBook By You

What it’s about: When their island falls ill to a dangerous sickness, our two personalized best friends set off on a daring mission in search of the medicine that can heal everyone–if they find it in time! Along the way they meet a variety of creatures from the fantastic to the frightening: talking butterflies who shrink our friends to the size of insects; a chorus of funny, tiny turtles; a race of noble elves with a captive princess; and a terrible enemy known as Wolfagones.

Throughout, the power of friendship, the magic of music, and their own skill and courage guide our brave duo toward their goal.

What readers think: “SONG QUEST delivers with a novel of brilliance, pure characters, a mind-blowing writing style, and a story that’s never been told before. One of the best books of 2011!”

~Brad Sells, Goodreads


How many pages: 185

Who is it for: Age 14 and up

Where to find itBook By You

What it’s about: Our young hero is a gifted Shadow Ward, responsible for tracking lost souls and leading them to their eternal rest—a peace denied them during life. His instincts fail when he’s drawn into the home of a lovely but lethal young woman who immediately binds him to her with an unbreakable web of black lace.

Believing her to be a sorceress, he vows to escape before this evil creature leads him to his doom—but when his daring race for freedom nearly turns tragic, he realizes his captor’s true nature. She is a vampire of souls, destined to feed on a human’s life force. As much a victim as he, our heroine will die without him.

As our hero and heroine accept their mutual dependence, they also slowly accept one another—and soon deeper feelings link them even more powerfully than the black lace itself. Despite their friends’ doubts, the couple fall in love—until their dark pasts emerge. What terrifying secret connects them? And will it lead to their salvation…or their destruction?

What readers think: “What an amazing read. I loved that I got to be the ‘dangerous’ heroine instead of some damsel in distress like in other vampire tales. It was beautifully told and really atmospheric. Thanks for a wonderful novel.. ”
– Juliana B., CT, USA