One Starry Knight: A Book of Healing

Front (2)Originally, I was going to publish One Starry Knight: Special Illustrated Edition on December 30, same as the original; I’d chosen that date because it’s the birthday of my friend who inspired Kaos. But instead, I ended up publishing the book far before that, on April 20, my birthday, instead. It all came together so flawlessly, which is saying a lot, considering I included artwork from thirteen brilliant and diverse artists. They were all perfectly on time, and I was able to publish the book without a hitch. God definitely had His hand in guiding that one.

book16So why the switch to publish so much sooner? Well, something inside me had told me to finish the book before December. It was like God whispered to me, “That will be far too late; you’ll need it before then.” And as usual, God’s leading, combined with the uncanny intuition He’s blessed me, with proved correct. I decided to publish the book on my birthday, instead of the birthday of the man and dear friend who is my real-life Kaos. Only a couple weeks after I showed the book off at a book-signing for the first time, my heart was torn by some news that is still too deep and private for me to talk about. Long story short, we won’t be pursuing any kind of relationship beyond friendship, though I still consider him a dear friend and a good-hearted man; the man who tries to next win my heart will have huge shoes to fill, which isn’t really such a bad thing. Kaos helped raise the bar and helped me define exactly what I want in a life partner.

book17Am I upset that I finished the book and poured so much money, heart, and soul into hiring artists to complete it by my early publication date? No, not at all. As with the real Kaos, I have no regrets. I knew that however things turned out, the book would at least be necessary for my healing. Its completion would allow me to move forward.

Same with the photo shoot featured here. After the May Market Book-signing (featured in another post), my bestie Sarah Jolly and I did an impromptu Evren photo shoot. I mean, I figured we may as well, since I had the dress, the red hair (which would be washed out that night), and considering we were in Lebanon, the place where my love for Kaos was first born. We shot a couple of pictures in the “magic gazebo,” but most photos seen here are at the local park, which I call “The Park of Stars and Fireflies.”

book15The story behind the park: One night after we both got off work at midnight, real-life Kaos took me to that park for the first time. Hundreds and hundreds of fireflies sparkled in the trees like diamonds. Then, just like when Evren lays down in the boat in the book, Kaos had me lay back on the merri-go-round. He spun it round and round, and as the stars swirled above me, they felt almost close enough to touch. Twas the most magical night. I’ve returned to that park many a time to watch the stars, but it’s never felt as magical as on that first night when he was with me.

book10As you can see here, Sarah was quite inspired and took some amazing shots of me as Evren, capturing Evren’s—and my—whimsy, longing, love for simplicity and nature, hopefulness, prayerfulness, and love.

I will always love my Kaos. I have the fondest memories of him, and I learned and grew so much because of him. I continue to write about him, such as this, only because I cannot be with him. Expressing myself is necessary to continue my healing process, be that through writing, music, painting, whatever inspiration comes to me. My love for him is immortalized in One Starry Knight, but like Evren, it is time to lay that mission aside and ascend to the stars to complete my own healing. From there, I must wait to see what new adventure God has for me next.

Meanwhile, dear readers, please enjoy reading our story! It’s a young adult fantasy romance novella, but I personally like to call it “an interracial fairy tale.” I believe that suits our story, both the real one and that portrayed in the book, quite perfectly indeed. My book can be found in paperback on and Ebook version coming soon!book12

“One Starry Knight” Grand Release!!

one_starry_knight_notext8_frontThis morning at midnight (Dec 30, 2015) marked the grand release of One Starry Knight! The book will be available in paperback at online stores like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, though of course, I will eventually release an ebook version as well.

I want to take a moment to share with you why this book is so important to me. I haven’t started let alone completed a project quite like this in some time, and it is special to me for a number of reasons:

1. It’s the first romance inspired by someone in my personal life that I have completed since high school. I have started many since then, but finished none. But I completed a first draft of this one in about a span of only two weeks. The majority of it rushed to me in one fell swoop. When God inspires, God inspires. This also serves as a compliment to the person who inspired the book, for what an impact they made in my life in such a short time to allow me to craft such a book as this so quickly yet completely.
2. It’s a great fantasy romance, yes. But early on, I knew I wanted it to be more than that. Because the person who inspired it has such a depth to them that I thought it was only fitting this story did as well. Hence, more than simply being a fantasy romance with splashes of adventure and mystery, it is also a story of forgiveness, friendship, the close bond between brothers, and spiritual rebirth.
3. It’s a story which features an interracial couple. Those who know me well enough know by now that one of my big focuses in my books, whether for lil kids or young adults, is diversity, from racial diversity to including folks with disabilities.
4. This is possibly the greatest work I have written to date, and no, I don’t say that out of vanity. As mentioned before, the story seemed to come to me in a single breath, but the short span in which it was written in no way diminishes its quality. I have learned much with my editor, Kira Lerner, over the years, and while I did not use her for this project, I did implement much I have learned from her in its creation. The writing is some of my best; it’s one of those books I read as if standing outside myself and think, “Hmm, I really wrote this?” But like I said, when God inspires, He inspires. Sometimes there’s no further explanation than that.

I suppose that about sums it up. I could go on and on about this book for hours, but that would involve boring y’all to death and probably giving away every last spoiler. I recommend you just read it for yourself. Go pick up a copy on one of the websites I mentioned. Or, starting on January 2, try your luck at winning one of the twenty-four copies I have available in my give-away at Goodreads:

Thanks so much for your support, and God bless you all, dear readers, with a happy and healthy New Year!!

~ Christine E. Schulze

My Future Dream Cast

I am so totally supposed to be doing edits for one of my books right now. I so totally don’t feel like it and am gonna so totally keep stalling by trolling Facebook and posting this lovely blog post for y’all.

I am sure many of you are aware of the recent hype that there is gonna be a live action version of “Beauty and the Beast” starring Emma Watson as well as a live action version of “The Little Mermaid” starring Chloe Moretz. Both these girls are favorite actresses of mine and secret (well, not after I publish this) girl crushes. I absolutely adore them.

So I decided I was inspired to whip up a quick post honoring all of my favorite actors and actresses that I would love to see star in a film made after one of my books, if such a film was ever made. I think meeting and/or working with any of these lovely, talented folks would be a real treat.

Here they are:

  1. blog12Elijah Wood. I fell in love with his adorable rosy face from the moment he was Frodo. Of course, I was already in love with Frodo from story-travelling into the Lord of the Rings books (I had quite the imaginative, adventurous childhood). Frodo was my first husband that really mattered, after Darkwing Duck. He is still my favorite and probably always will be (shh…don’t tell Draco or James from Pokemon or any of the others). Striking eyes + eternal boyish innocence = eternal heartthrob.
  2. blog11Emma Watson. I mean, do I need to say more? She is Emma Watson. Smart, talented, pretty and cute, and with eyes that could kill–in a mischievously seductive good way.
  3. blog2Chloe Moretz. From Carrie to Let Me In to every creepy or non-creepy thing in between, she is a kick-ass actress and absolutely gorgeous besides. Those lips. Ugh.
  4. blog3Saoirse Ronan. Everything I have ever seen her in are amongst my favorite films. Always with fantastical elements and a deep message at their core. I love the innocence and realness she brings to her characters. If you haven’t, you should definitely check out the following coming-of-age fantasy/dystopian films starring this talented lady: Byzantium, How I Live Now (warning: YOU WILL CRY SO MUCH), and The Host. Like Emma, her gaze is striking, but in a pure, sees-down-to-your-soul type of way.
  5. blog10Tom Felton. Because Draco Malfoy. That’s pretty much all I need to say.
  6. blog9Alan Rickman because he is some kind of magical acting genius.
  7. blog8Elle Fanning. Look at her. Just LOOK. AT. HER. Too damn adorable. You just feel this insatiable need to cuddle her to death.
  8. blog7Like, the entire cast of Game of Thrones.
  9. blog6blogBut since #8 is probably an unrealistic expectation, at least Emilia Clarke, Kit Harrington, Peter Dinklage, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Jacob Anderson. If I need to tell you why, you have lived under a box the past few years. A sad, moldy, dilapidated box. These people are all beautiful, I would date each and every one, and their characters and how they portray them are amazing.
  10. blog5Gerard Butler. Because The Phantom of the Opera was the first movie in which I literally had a breakdown and sobbed so hard my mom thought I might need to be taken to the hospital. Well done, Mr. Butler. Well done, indeed (he was also one of my husbands, after the late Mr. Frodo).
  11. blog4Liv Tyler. Because everything that is Arwen.


There may indeed be others, but these are the favorites that come immediately to mind.

What are your own favorite actors and actresses? Who would you love to work with, if you could? Feel free to comment in the comments.

Purposing the Plot: More Than Just a Love Story

kaos1I am finding that a lot of folks are amazed at the amount of books I produce, and at such a quick rate. People act like I’m a bit of an anomaly, and maybe I am. Or maybe I am just really good at planning. Or just anti-social enough to have nothing better to do than write and finish books in my free time. Or maybe it’s just the way God made me.

I have always believed that God has a purpose for my writing. He gave me the talent of not only writing, but of finishing tons of projects in a much shorter time-frame than most. In return, I feel I should make certain that any project I seriously take on has some important spiritual message woven inside, whether it’s a message of friendship, love, forgiveness, acceptance, whatever the case may be.

Because of this reasoning, I am very selective in what projects I actually choose to pursue. I might get a lot of ideas for stories, but I don’t choose to follow through on all of them. With each new story idea, I have to ask myself questions like: Why? What is the purpose of this story? Have I done something similar before? What can readers learn from this? To be breathed into life, the story must be worthy of being not just created, but shared with the world. Allow me to use my latest work as an example.

Last night, I received what should be the FINAL version of my newest fantasy romance, One Starry Knight. I say “should” be because I still have this internal debate going on as to whether one of the characters should end up in a red or blue tunic. May not sound like a complicated decision, but trust me, it really is. From the symbolism of blue vs. red to the question of which color the character looks the most handsome in, it’s a serious, serious matter to decide.

But I digress. The creation of One Starry Knight has been a very special, personal journey for me. The romance aspect of it was inspired by real incidents and people in my life, especially the emotional journey that Evren, the main character, goes on as she falls in love with Kaos and as she grows as a person, learning much not just about him, but about herself. I wrote the entire story in only about a month or two–not counting the many read-throughs for spelling, grammar, tweaks, and fixes–but that in no means decreases the power of the writing. I consider it to be a strong piece and possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever written, next to my children’s book, In the Land of Giants, which has it’s own message to share.

Yes, the message: that’s what this post is about. The message or purpose behind the stories I create. That, perhaps more than anything, fuels me to create a story and see it to completion. As in the case of One Starry Knight, beautiful as Evren’s and Kaos’ story is, at some point I realized that I wanted it to be more than a just love story. Oh, true, the love story itself had many things to teach readers about the selflessness and sacrifices and heartaches of love. But that wasn’t quite enough for me.

With the help of ideas from a friend, I was able to take the story beyond a beautiful romance. It has since blossomed into a tale of forgiveness, redemption, and spiritual rebirth. It’s a story for the ages and one that I hope the masses can take to heart and be truly encouraged by.

Because that’s what it’s really all about for me. Being a Christian and an author, I can’t help but know God would have me combine these two greatest aspects of myself and use them to inspire, uplift, and encourage others. If a book isn’t doing that, even in the subtlest way, it’s probably not worth my time to write, nor yours to read.

As for One Starry Knight, I hope it will be well worth the read, as I believe it to be. Keep a look-out for the print release on December 30 on websites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I will also be hosting a massive give-away of the book on Goodreads.

That’s all I have to reflect on for now. As ever, God bless, happy reading, and may you be inspired!!

~ Christine E. Schulze

Not Like the Movies…and Maybe That’s Exactly How It Should Be

katy2No, Katy Perry, it’s never like the movies.

The movies are filled with drama and angst. The movies make you believe that drama and passion are the same thing. The movies also don’t show all the normal, everyday life moments in between the passion. And if they did, they would make us believe, falsely so, that those normal moments are mundane and boring, when in truth they make up the majority of what true love is…

Because eventually, you reach a point in life where you realize it’s okay that it’s not like the movies. You learn that’s not what you really need or even want. You meet someone whose mere presence and company brings you happiness. You don’t have to be doing anything with that person. You don’t need them to romance you with dramatic gestures and gifts and fancy dates. You could simply be lying next to them, or taking a walk with them, or holding their hand while looking at the stars, and be quite content. And you realize THAT is what it’s all about. THAT is what you are looking for. Maybe you will be so blessed as to get to share it with the person who opened your eyes to it. Or maybe you won’t.  But you know that you will either find it, or simply choose to be alone. Because your eyes have been opened in such a way that anything less would be settling, and settling is utterly unacceptable because you have caught a glimpse of what could be and know that so much more could exist.


Book-signings, Artwork, and Berries–Oh my!!

20150530_102903Wow. So a few hours ago, I finished participating in a book-signing associated with Trinity Service’s Strawberry Festival. I have been posting about this event for some time, but at last, the big day arrived, and let me just say what a fun and awesome experience!! I met some great people, sold and signed more books than I ever would have imagined. It was truly a fun, exhilarating, but also humbling experience.

20150530_103302And you know what I learned from it? That this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Inspire and help people through my creativity. All my life, I have known this is both what I want to do and what I am meant to do, the path God has for me. Today it all paid off. Today was the the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in my life. A chapter I will continue to write as I inspire as many people as I can with my stories.

My Children's Lit teachers from college--still reading my stuff!! My, but my writing has come such a long way since then.

My Children’s Lit teachers from college–still reading my stuff!! My, but my writing has come such a long way since then.

But the Strawberry Festival wasn’t all about me. The signing was a great personal triumph but was only a small part of went on today!! Today was all about raising awareness for the awesome work we do at Trinity Services to help adults with disabilities live full and abundant lives. We featured much of their artwork for sale, including original paintings and barn quilts. We had food, fresh-picked strawberries, and a band came to play blue grass music. Clients, staff, and locals joined together for a grand time of fun and fellowship. It was a simple but beautiful thing.

Please enjoy these pictures as a sample of this wonderful experience. I hope everyone who got a book today is blessed and truly inspired!!

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Ode to Friends: A Birthday Blog

friendWell, today is my birthday and I wanted to blog something special. So I decided to do this piece about my friends, of which I have thankfully acquired quite a number of in the past year or so. In particular, I want to take this time to thank the friends who have made an especially big, important impact on my life, both recently and in the past.

I’m doing this in alphabetical order so that no one can complain they are #1 or #30 or #1,000,000 or whatever. Yeah, I have my favorites. But I love you all, and there’s no fighting allowed on my birthday.

This is also gonna be a free-write. Whatever first pops into my head about you is what you get, yo.

So here goes.


Aaron: The oldest friend on the list (uhh…that’s “oldest” as in “have known him the longest time” not as in “old fogy”).


Well, to start off with, Aaron was my first super big crush. I was in love with this kid for more than seven years!! So I will thank him for that, for introducing me to romance and passion, if only in my dreams, and thus a great deal of writing material.

But to get more serious, Aaron is a really great friend. He continued to be a friend and always put up with me despite my over-obvious crushing. He is a very considerate soul and always has encouragement when I need it. He is also an awesome poet though he may deny this at times.


Aerelis: The most awesome character designer EVER.

Aerelis is one of a couple of friends on this list that I have never met in person—but that will all change when I make my trip to Texas in the fall!!

Truly, not only has she designed awesome covers for me like Lily in the Snow, but she is also coming up with the character designs for my graphic novel series, D.N.A., and thus far they are super AMAZING. I thank her for helping make the magic of my stories come alive.

I also thank her for becoming my friend!! We have talked in email form and I am excited to meet her in person. We have a lot of things in common—even our birthdays!! So it’s like we’re twins.


Andrea W.: My new writer friend!!

She is a kindred spirit in terms of her passion for writing. She is one of my newest friends and we have yet to meet in person, but I am eager, especially to attend a musical with her this summer!!


Ben: “Hi, Ben.”

‘Nough said.

Nah, I’m just kidding. I’d like to thank Ben for helping me loosen up and have some fun. And for all those times he has listened to me blubber about boy troubles…and girl troubles too. Ben tries to act all tough and macho and certainly likes to stir the pot of drama now and then, but he also really does care, you know? And I thank him for that.


Christopher: Ah, the Magical Mister Christopheles…where to even begin?

Well, I suppose a good place to begin would be with my birthday last year. A year to the day (okay, actually it would be a year to the day yesterday), he gave me a wonderful day filled with adventure and happiness. An adventure in St. Louis involving the City Museum, guitar music on Art Hill, and then back to Illinois for Applebee’s with friends. It was my first birthday where my allergies weren’t entirely haywire. And it was honestly the best birthday I can remember ever having—in fact, it’s the first I remember having since my high school years. I really want to thank him for that.

friend2But I would like to thank him for more than just that single day. Christopher has given me many things. He reignited a passion for adventure and travel that had too long lay dormant—in fact, I find myself going a little stir-crazy at times, I think I’ve adopted his crazy energy. He ignited other passions I had long thought dead. It’s been a while since we hung out, but when we did, he always seemed to understand my need—not a want, but a need like air or water—to see the world and try new things. “New experience” is a common phrase of his that I have since adopted into my own life.

He has also been such an encouragement to me as an author. He challenges me to push myself; he’s that one friend who doesn’t just think I am awesome and praises my writing left and right. He wants to see improvement, new things from me. He once said that I am an author and if that’s what I am going to be, I must call myself that, introduce myself as such—embody it fully. It must be my identity. I have truly adopted this mindset from him as well.

Christopher actually came to me in a time of great need, and I want to thank him for that as well. When we became friends, it was a most tumultuous time in my life. I had lost a close friend due to betrayal. Coming to work at Trinity Services did provide a safe haven for me, a place of healing and new beginnings and new friends…but Christopher played a key role in that. He helped me open up, be more crazy and wild and free-spirited (even though I was often too shy to display this actually in front on him); he helped me realize this side of myself. Even to this day I will do things like play rock music while zooming over a favorite rollercoaster hill out in the country-side and it makes me think of him (okay, I know that’s not too crazy…but for me it is lol).

Another great thing about this guy is that he is always positive, upbeat, and full of compliments. And I believe his compliments are sincere. He wants to help make everyone be in a good mood and feel good about themselves.

He also totally gives chewing gum a new meaning for me, as well as me using the word “dadgum.” Gah, just can’t get away from the teasing…I wonder if he felt this way growing up…

At any rate, Christopher is also just one of quite a few Geminis on my list. If it’s one thing I have learned over the years, it’s my affinity to be attracted to air signs, especially Geminis, be they guys or girls, friends or love interests. Maybe it’s their loud, outgoing, boisterous personalities—opposites do attract. They also tend to be very friendly, kind, and adventurous, all of which I think fits the bill for this guy. So yeah. Let the Age of Gemini continue.


Holly: My fellow poet.

Thanks to Holly for being such an encouragement to me as an author!! I feel like she is one of my biggest fans and she hasn’t even gotten to read any of my books yet, lol. Keep working at your writing, Holly!! Remember, small goals, and the rest will follow.


Jonathan: Also known as Snugglemuffin, ‘cause he brings the cozy.

There is so much that could be said for Jonathan and our long-standing friendship that it’s hard to know what to say. That’s always the way, isn’t it? The people you’ve known the longest, you just get used to them and take things for granted. But I am gonna think of some stuff.

Like the way that, as my current roommate, he cooks great meals for me that work around my allergies. Including coconut muffins…ah the muffins. Or how he is great at budgeting our grocery money. Or how we can enjoy watching any kind of film together, from mainstream to independent, any genre though fantasy and drama and foreign films are favorites.

friend3But these are just fluff responses, just touching the surface. I don’t think I always give him credit, but he is responsible for a large part of the freedom I have today, the independence I have created for myself. He was also my first kiss, my first…well…a lot of things, and I can say from experiences since then that he was quite the sufficient teacher. He brought me through many difficult years, often as my sole companion. We used to be very codependent and have since moved on to a healthier relationship, but at the time, it was necessary to have him to solely lean on; he didn’t even have a car most of the time, but if I needed something, he was on the bus or walking to help solve the issue. That’s just what kind of friend he is, not just to me but to anyone. Truly the kind of guy who will be homeless but still give the shirt off his back.

He is also truly a very affectionate soul. Selfless, giving, self-sacrificing, and certainly a dreamer but someone who is totally capable of bringing big dreams to fruition. One’s imagination will never be lacking for ideas around this old, wise, but creative soul!!

Jonathan has also helped me be a lot more open-minded about a lot of things–or rather, I have always been a free-spirited, open-minded person and he just helped me realize this more.

Jonathan continues to be one of my best friends, and I truly hope he always will be.


Julie: Thanks to Julie for just always being so damn happy!! What a positive influence. And for singing and dancing with me way too much on the Party Bus. I mean, “Uptown Funk” is totally where it’s at!!


Juxica: The badass Lolita photographer. She also always has lots of awesome fruit stocked in her fridge. Jux, we still need to hang sometime!!


Kayla D.: The red-headed wonder. Okay, I give credit to Shay later on for introducing me to board and card games, and I mention Dominion…but technically, though Shay founded game night, it’s the lovely Kayla who brought Dominion to us!!

But of course I love her for more than a card game. Kayla is a smart cookie; I always enjoy our conversations…even though they always turn into a debate of some sort. Kayla knows how to stimulate both the mind and the morals and is always well worth a chat.

I will come visit you up north someday, Kayla!!


Kayla F. The Ice Queen.

Nope, once again, this is NOT an insult!!

Her last name is “Frost,” and I’m sure she gets teased a lot, but as a fantasy author, I mean this as a compliment. She has the loveliest blonde hair and blue eyes and snowy skin and could totally pass as an ice fairy or something.

Anyway. Kayla was one of my companions at SWIC. I got to work with her and she always did a better job helping folks in the Success Center than I did. She’s a great mom and an enthusiastic friend; though we never saw each other a lot and still don’t, when we do she is always happy to see me and very sweet.

I am in the process of catching up with a LOT of people. We will have to hang sometime, Kayla!!


Kiana: The One and Only Aquarius.

It’s honestly hard to know where to begin with Kiana. She is a unique, creative individual, a powerful force, and in some ways mysterious; just when you think you’ve got her figured out, surprise!! She is one of those friends with whom I have since lost touch, but that still doesn’t lessen her importance in my life and history.

friend4Despite the dramatic quarrels we were always subject to at times, she truly was one of the dearest people in my life at the time. My childhood was chaotic to the point that making friends was a difficult thing. Once I moved out on my own, I didn’t know where to really find friends or how.

After Jonathan (who is a guy and also was initially a romantic interest) Kiana was my first true, good, close girl friend since the seventh grade. I kid you not, even though I was in my twenties—that’s how long I had been isolated, lonely, and longing for someone to share that close, best friend, even sisterly bond with.

Kiana was that. Just like in Anne of Green Gables, she was my bosom friend, my kindred spirit. No doubt I overwhelmed her at times, but only ever out of love and admiration. She taught me what it means to love someone so dearly again, an idea I had almost feared was lost to me. She taught me independence and inspired more creativity than any other being I had yet met at the time. She is a beautiful person whose sheer company could cheer me on the saddest day. I want to thank her for that and all the other little things I’m probably not even thinking of right now…like introducing me to great indie artists and bringing me tiny oranges from home and going on that awesome walk with our Gandalf sticks and going to the Edge with me and Nick that one time we all took that ridiculous “Sweet Sixteen” pic, lol…the list of memories could go on and on.


Kira: Editor. Co-author. But ultimately, beautiful confidante and friend.

Kira has done an amazing job in the past several years helping to transform my stubborn ass into a flexible author who is open to new ideas, changes, and improvements. As a result, my writing is better than ever and still improving!! Thanks to her, I can now successfully edit short stories on my own. I still need lots of help in those longer series with longer overarching plots. But that’s cool, because she has even gone so far as to become a co-author for the old Hero Chronicles, to be renamed A Shadow Beyond Time once we are ready to publish.

But Kira has become more than an editor and fellow author. She has become a dear friend and confidante. Much older than me, she is also much wiser. I thank her for her friendship as well as her wisdom in both author and life things.

I will come see you in New York someday, Kira!!


Kristopher: The Other Kris.

Nope, I don’t mean that as an insult!! He just, well…I knew him second. So that really does make him the “other” Kris, you know??

Kris is a really fun guy to work with. He also hasn’t been scared away yet by my asking advice on guys or, umm, any of our stranger conversations…he knows what I mean…so I appreciate that! I always appreciate a friend I can be open and honest with, you know? Just be my weird, over-the-top self.


Molly: The Lovely Molly.

Another friend I have hardly met in person… I met her once at a Lolita meet up. She was the one person I was instantly drawn to. I like how unique and creative she is; she is her own person and doesn’t care what others think of her. We still need to hang out for real sometime, which I am working on!!


Nick: Also Nicolas…but we’ll called him “Nicolai” ‘cause that just sounds cooler.

Nick is sort of like the older brother figure I always wanted but never had. He is a laid-back, protective soul who always has sound advice whenever I am being my over-emotional self. He is one of very few friends who, in a very difficult time in my life, was my friend because he genuinely liked me and didn’t expect anything from me in return. He is a good and loyal friend, no drama and no strings attached. I thank him for his friendship, for all the good times we have had, and look forward to more such times to come.


Rachel: Lover of horses and great literature.

I lost touch with Rachel as I did many high school friends due to my home life at the time. However, I want to thank her for the friendship and joy and many story inspirations she brought me during the time we got to be friends. She was a most loyal friend, and that is something that can be rare to find.


Rebeccah: That awesome Nigerian chick.

We never hung out a lot and I haven’t seen this lady in ages!! But I remember her giving advice to me and my beau at the time, helping us sneak around…and that one awesome get-together where we all painted her apartment. Thanks for all the encouragement and always being so fun to be around!! One of these days our paths with cross again and we’ll catch up.


Sarah: Nutcake, also known as Elia also known as Grishilde the Red also known as…screw it. The list would be way too long.

So remember how I said before that Kiana was my first close friend since, like, seventh grade?? Well, that friend way back in seventh grade was the lovely Sarah. We lost touch for a while but have since started talking again a lot more. But back in the day, we were certainly partners in crime! Writing all sorts of crazy stories together, stories involving flying dog people and purple nose hairs and hippy elves—you name it, we wrote it. Our best and worst was a classic we titled “Miracle Cat.” Sarah, if you’re reading this, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I want to thank her for all those fun, crazy times. And for our letters during the time we were penpals; they made checking the mail actually have meaning.


Sascha: A most creative soul with that cool older sister who totally looks like Alice from Twilight. Sascha was one of several people in our college choir that I always wanted to hang out with but never got much of a chance due to home life situations. But we have kept in touch her and there and I am determined to come pay her a visit in New Orleans one of these days!! Plus I just found out she is a Taurus-Aries mix like me, which is totally rad.


friend5Sean Alan: The Vampire. No, forreal. This guy is Edward Cullen In. The. Flesh.

Sean is a much newer friend on my friends list, so I am still learning a lot about him and figuring him out, which is fun.

What I will say is this: I love texting this guy. For one, he listens a hell of a lot better than a lot of other guys I know. But secondly, his writing is fluid, charming—sometimes I swear he sounds like a character from a Jane Austen novel. It’s truly lovely talking to him. He is also an encouragement whenever we speak, as I hope I am to him. He’s quite the creative sort as well, which is always great to have around.

Sean is also one of those people who came into my life at a difficult time (wow, I keep saying that…I swear I am a really positive person!! Just a lot has gone down in the past couple of years). I believe God does everything for a reason and with perfect timing. Sean came to me when I really needed a close friend and confidante, and he has provided that.

But moreso, as my initial description dictates, he is truly like a vampire!! Of the Twilight variety. There are obvious things like beauty and intelligence. He also has Edward’s brooding, somber personality. He can be very sweet and affectionate, but don’t be fooled by the short stature!! This guy is hella strong and fast like a vampire too. A good protector and a gentle soul…but still, if you piss him off, I’m betting he can probably take you out. Which I guess would make him a good body-guard—just like a vampire. He also has Edward’s intensity. More than intimidating as it might be to Edward haters out there, I find it rather entrancing. Sean is also very physical in the sense that he is always moving—walking, running, you name it. I mean, the Cullens have cars but you’re more likely to see them zipping about the woods on two feet. Finally, while typically shy, he can have a surprisingly passionate side as well. Just goes to show how multi-facted people always are. Oh, and he’s one of those annoying people who say they can’t play the piano very well and then just sit down and start playing one of their amazing original compositions…ugh, Edward.

He’s also a very encouraging person…I know I already said that. But it’s different with him than with some people. He gives compliments without really flattering you, but in a way that makes you feel really special because you know he is being sincere. He is a humble person and really likes to see the good qualities in others and show appreciation for them.

Sean is also one of several Virgos on my list, and I’ll say this about Virgos: In my experience, they are all quiet, shy, quirky little people (and I mean the “little” literally, all the ones I have known are generally petite). All of them can have a slowness to trust but the friends they choose they will defend to the death. Most of all, they are very gentle souls. They wouldn’t harm anyone for anything; because of this, they can be easily taken advantage of. So play nice!! Anyone hurts my Virgos and I will have to use my Aries flames and Taurus bull horns on them.


Shaylin: The game-master. I met Shay through Jonathan and have known her nearly as long. She even introduced me to Trinity, my amazing current day job. What more can I say? She’s also a great mom, and she hosts a mean game night at her house. Dominion and Ticket to Ride are two of my faves this lady and her friends have introduced me to.


Stephen: That cool, be-bopping cat.

Lol, I know that’s a ridiculous description. Stephen is actually pretty chill as opposed to “be-bopping,” but it cracks me up whenever he describes other people using that word, so I had to.

I thank Stephen for being a kind soul and just an overall great supervisor. Not only is he patient and compassionate, but he also really listens to my ideas and helps as much as he can to bring them to fruition. Thanks to him I finally have my art class again!! That means the world to me.


Susan: The chef version of Mrs. Fleming…dadgum there are a lot of “S” peeps on this list.

When I went to SWIC, I had the most brilliant choir teacher, Dr. Gail Fleming. Both she and Susan are the cutest little blonde-haired, blue-eyed things, very smart and calm and creative, both Virgos even. So Susan sort of reminds me of Dr. Fleming.

friend6At any rate, Susan also being older gives her that wiser edge. I thank her for her advice and encouragement in all things—especially when it comes to relationships. I also thank her for being able to hang with the younger crowd and enjoy our company!! And I thank her for making some of my first experiences at Trinity so enjoyable; she was a great blessing to all who were there and taught a mean cooking class! She is greatly missed as both our culinary teacher and as a friend down at the Farm.


Tracy: Another brilliant confidant and friend. And an excellent teacher of sign language!! Tracy, if you’re reading this, I do so adore our talks. Even when we realize we have been talking in the Trinity parking lot for three hours and all hope of supper or proper bed times is far beyond us.


Well, I think that about covers it…or I really hope it does!! If I forgot you, I swear it’s not from lack of love. Feel free to shoot me a ranting email or Facebook message…just don’t expect me to answer it till tomorrow.


Love you all!!


~ Christine