Not Like the Movies…and Maybe That’s Exactly How It Should Be


katy2No, Katy Perry, it’s never like the movies.

The movies are filled with drama and angst. The movies make you believe that drama and passion are the same thing. The movies also don’t show all the normal, everyday life moments in between the passion. And if they did, they would make us believe, falsely so, that those normal moments are mundane and boring, when in truth they make up the majority of what true love is…

Because eventually, you reach a point in life where you realize it’s okay that it’s not like the movies. You learn that’s not what you really need or even want. You meet someone whose mere presence and company brings you happiness. You don’t have to be doing anything with that person. You don’t need them to romance you with dramatic gestures and gifts and fancy dates. You could simply be lying next to them, or taking a walk with them, or holding their hand while looking at the stars, and be quite content. And you realize THAT is what it’s all about. THAT is what you are looking for. Maybe you will be so blessed as to get to share it with the person who opened your eyes to it. Or maybe you won’t.  But you know that you will either find it, or simply choose to be alone. Because your eyes have been opened in such a way that anything less would be settling, and settling is utterly unacceptable because you have caught a glimpse of what could be and know that so much more could exist.