Strange Folk Festival 2015

Wow…has it really been that long since I posted??

Rest assured, dear readers, I am hard at work on a number of projects!! And, in the meantime, I got accepted to be a vendor at the Strange Folk Festival!! Strange Folk is a huge annual event for all kinds of eclectic artists to share and sell their work. Naturally, I had a table selling and signing my books.

I met a ton of amazing people from all different backgrounds. I always love just talking to people and getting to learn a little about who they are and where they come from. I even got an impromptu marriage proposal from a fellow author, lol.

My children’s books, In the Land of Giants, The Amazing “K”, and The Adventures of William the Brownie all sold like hotcakes, as did Bloodmaiden which actually sold all the way out.

Also, since I am giving twenty five percent of all profits to charity, I was able to raise a nice donation for ALFA, an organization that helps local programs for adults with disabilities. Because every good author/artist needs a cause he or she feels passionately about and helps support, right??

Enjoy these highlights from the show!!

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