“Giants” Gets Its First Home


Here I am with Holly Midget, proud owner of the first copy of In the Land of Giants. I chose to give her the first copy because she has been such a huge supporter of the project and also is such a wonderful person to work with!! I once worked alongside her as an independent living counselor at Trinity Services; she now works as a job coach to help find jobs for our folks with disabilities.

Holly says this is my greatest work to date as an author, I think it just might be. I have also decided to donate twenty-five percent of all my royalties to ALFA, an charity that helps create programs for folks with disabilities while also providing supplies and volunteers to work with them. I have worked alongside ALFA for some time now; they are a wonderful team with a true passion for helping folks with disabilities live full and abundant lives. I feel strongly in giving to ALFA through my books. I believe fervently in them, their purpose, and the wonderful people they serve.


Thanks so much again for your support and encouragement, Holly!! I promise more great things to come, especially with the book-signing fast approaching!!