“Giants” and “The Amazing K” Official Release Dates

giants_book_coverSo, as stated in the previous post, today’s book signing was a major success–especially in regards to “In the Land of Giants” and “The Amazing K,” my two children’s books to feature characters with disabilities.

I am not quite ready to release these books to the masses. But I have set the official publication date!! July 11, 2015. Just a couple short months away!! Less than that, really.

In the meantime, if you would like to order an autographed copy through me, please feel free to shoot me an email: christineeschulze@gmail.com

Thanks so much, and stay tuned for more updates!! I featured a lot of other new and updated books at the signing and will be readying those for official online release as well.

Book-signings, Artwork, and Berries–Oh my!!

20150530_102903Wow. So a few hours ago, I finished participating in a book-signing associated with Trinity Service’s Strawberry Festival. I have been posting about this event for some time, but at last, the big day arrived, and let me just say what a fun and awesome experience!! I met some great people, sold and signed more books than I ever would have imagined. It was truly a fun, exhilarating, but also humbling experience.

20150530_103302And you know what I learned from it? That this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Inspire and help people through my creativity. All my life, I have known this is both what I want to do and what I am meant to do, the path God has for me. Today it all paid off. Today was the the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in my life. A chapter I will continue to write as I inspire as many people as I can with my stories.

My Children's Lit teachers from college--still reading my stuff!! My, but my writing has come such a long way since then.

My Children’s Lit teachers from college–still reading my stuff!! My, but my writing has come such a long way since then.

But the Strawberry Festival wasn’t all about me. The signing was a great personal triumph but was only a small part of went on today!! Today was all about raising awareness for the awesome work we do at Trinity Services to help adults with disabilities live full and abundant lives. We featured much of their artwork for sale, including original paintings and barn quilts. We had food, fresh-picked strawberries, and a band came to play blue grass music. Clients, staff, and locals joined together for a grand time of fun and fellowship. It was a simple but beautiful thing.

Please enjoy these pictures as a sample of this wonderful experience. I hope everyone who got a book today is blessed and truly inspired!!

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“Giants” Gets Its First Home

Here I am with Holly Midget, proud owner of the first copy of In the Land of Giants. I chose to give her the first copy because she has been such a huge supporter of the project and also is such a wonderful person to work with!! I once worked alongside her as an independent living counselor at Trinity Services; she now works as a job coach to help find jobs for our folks with disabilities.

Holly says this is my greatest work to date as an author, I think it just might be. I have also decided to donate twenty-five percent of all my royalties to ALFA, an charity that helps create programs for folks with disabilities while also providing supplies and volunteers to work with them. I have worked alongside ALFA for some time now; they are a wonderful team with a true passion for helping folks with disabilities live full and abundant lives. I feel strongly in giving to ALFA through my books. I believe fervently in them, their purpose, and the wonderful people they serve.


Thanks so much again for your support and encouragement, Holly!! I promise more great things to come, especially with the book-signing fast approaching!!