Artist of the Week: Jason Chan

My chosen Artist of the Week is Jason Chan.

Let me just say one thing:

This guy is absolutely amazing.

The first artwork I saw from him, discovered by my boyfriend, was a book cover for So Silver Bright, which I’ll include, along with some of my other Jason Chan favorites, at the end of this post. My boyfriend knew I would instantly fall in love with his art style, and he was right–I did.

There are several aspects I love about Chan’s art style. First off, he has a softly painted look. I adore that look and often search for a similar style when hiring original cover artists for my own books. There is also the style of his characters. Chan takes inspiration from both Eastern and Western styles and combines the two. It’s like Western realism with splashes of Eastern anime-style beauty. The combo is stunningly gorgeous.

There’s not much more to say here except that one of my dreams and aspirations is to have one book cover done by Jason Chan sometime in my life. It will happen–even if I have to wait till I’m fifty to do it.

You can check out loads of brilliant original art on Jason Chan’s blog:

In the meanwhile, enjoy these personal favorites:

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