Enter to Win Signed Paperback of “Lily in the Snow”!


Lily13Hi! In honor of my new release, Lily in the Snow (Second Edition), I am hosting another give-away on Goodreads!

As the book contains four stories, I am giving away four copies. Here is the link; be certain to read the blurb below to see what the book is all about!

Best to all who enter!

Lily in the Snow blurb:

Four tales of Elemental beings weave together to craft this magical anthology from YA fantasy author Christine E. Schulze:

Lily in the Snow ~ Mica Schist, a young, naive rock Elemental, has lived all her life in the mountains with Pierson, her melancholy guardian. When Jewett, an Earth Elemental, visits their cave, Mica’s world is turned upside-down—as is her heart. She longs for a life outside the cave, and soon, an approaching enemy grants this wish. But even the gentle forests of Jewett’s world cause Mica to lose her fragile crystals, her life source. Can Mica be saved and live the life she’s always dreamed?

The Story-Teller ~ Eleesa’s gift is that of story-telling. When using her gift for selfish reasons, she’s never noticed the same consequences that befall the other Imps who misuse their gifts. However, through an old friend who mysteriously reappears, she will discover that the consequences are much more severe than she could have ever imagined.

Labyrinth: Heart of Stone ~ Gargoyles, Druids, haughty dragon fairies, a seductive Noelani, a mansion housing an endless maze of stairs—and, not to mention, a handsome, brooding man made of stone. All these magical elements create the perfectly scandalous tale of Catherine, an Earth Elemental who sets out seeking freedom and discovers it in the most unexpected ways.

Spyral ~ A coming-of-age tale in which a Rock Elemental chooses to defy the unjust traditions of her people. Setting out on a journey to save herself and the one she loves, she ends up embarking on a much more personal journey of self-discovery.