2014: Celebrating Belleville’s 200th Anniversary


Tonight, my sweetheart and I had the awesome opportunity to watch fireworks at Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC), in celebration not only of Independence Day, but also of the 200th birthday of Belleville, IL, our hometown.

I will admit I haven’t really cared about fireworks in some years, but I wanted to go tonight–and I am so glad I did. It was an utterly magical experience. We had the most brilliant seats in the house; we sat on a little grassy patch near the gym. I have never been so close to fireworks in all my life. We were so close, I couldn’t even capture the entire display with my camera. Debris and sparks rained down, touching our skin. Watching the sparks glisten and cascade straight toward you like that is nothing short of amazing and gorgeous. It’s like watching a giant supernova, shooting stars, and fireflies all at once.

I’ve captured the whole thing here; if nothing else, do watch the last five minutes or so. There was a laser show as well; while the fireworks were great, we did have to suffer through the laser show for some time, and the ending is amusing to say the least (if you were there, you understand what I mean).

Thanks so much for watching, and a Happy 4th to all!!

~ Christine E. Schulze