Artist of the Week: Philip San Gaspar -aka- Kishiro-Kun


Hullo, fellow readers, writers, artists, musicians, and other creative spirits everywhere!

I am going to start something new on my blog; each week, I will be showcasing a new artist I have discovered that I think is really brilliant. This might be an artist I have hired to do some illustrations or cover designs for my books. It might be a musical artist. It might be a fellow author whose stories I find particularly rad.

For my first “Artist of the Week,” I would like to showcase Philip San Gaspar, also known as Kishiro-Kun. For those of you who follow my blog, you know this guy has been responsible for creating the awesome artwork for my upcoming children’s book, my first geared for younger children and featuring full illustrations: The Adventures of William the Brownie.

I absolutely love working with Philip. He is an overall nice, patient, fun guy to work with. He listens to my needs, adds every detail to my pictures that I request, and always finds a way to go above and beyond. The colors in his artwork are particularly amazing, bright and beautiful.

If you’re looking for any kind of art in manga style, I highly recommend him!

Enjoy some artwork of his below, and follow the links to connect with him and learn more. If you have an Elance account, you can also hire him there; it’s where I found him myself.


Kishiro-Kun’s Facebook

Kishiro-Kun’s DeviantArt