A Feast of Friends and Fine Art: Part II


101_0545Well, another Saturday has come and gone, and while it was not quite as eventful as originally intended, it was still a great time with friends surrounded by great art!

I tagged along with Kiana (Space Case) and Alex once again to another of Kiana’s art shows. This time, she was a vendor at an event near Tower Grove Park in St. Louis. We all had the privilege of once more connecting with various artists, selling some art, and having an overall good time.

Enjoy the pictures from the event in the slideshow below!

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Also, didn’t get to include this from last week’s post, but after Kiana’s first art show, she let me buy one of my favorite original water colors of hers; she had prints at the show, but I prefer the real deal! If I’m gonna buy something, I’d rather buy one really cool thing I really want, you know? Here is me with my prize:

101_0497 101_0499101_0501






Yup. This painting is pretty rad. We both like space-themed stuff. I just might have to include this crystal alien chick in one of my books somewhere…