A Feast of Friends and Fine Art: Part I




Me on the MetroLink, on my way to the Bazaar!

Wow. What a busy beginning to what is already proving to be a busy week filled with friends, art, writing, and over all great times!

Today’s adventures began with me rising promptly at 6:00 am to ready for the Dutchtown Bazaar at The Feasting Fox in St. Louis, MO. I was not a vendor there myself, but rather attending in honor and support of a friend of mine, Kiana McCormick, also known as Space Case. It was her first time selling art at a show or event, and I was super excited to attend! I felt the same sort of excitement for her as I felt when attending my first book signing–and admittedly the same sort of nervousness as well. New place, lots of new people…101_0408


Kiana and Alex showcasing her table filled with amazing, original artwork.

But I have been pushing myself to step outside my comfort zone, meet new people, and make new artistic connections, and overall, it proved a really fun and relaxing experience.

I took the MetroLink and bus and arrived exactly at 9 am, right when the whole thing was to begin. Kiana was at her table with a long-time friend of hers, Alex. This was my first time meeting him, and I often can get anxious around other people’s friends, but Alex made me feel right at home as much as Kiana does. I’ve heard a lot about him, and it was great to finally meet him in person. He is laid-back, sensible, and a really, really nice guy–plus, he took care of the cash box and managing financial affairs, something that no artist/author likes to contend with, whether we always admit to it or not.


The Feasting Fox, in all of its lovely fairy-tale beauty.

We spent our time talking, selling art, and passing out business cards. Kiana made quite a few sales; the most popular sellers were her stickers and rings which surprised her a little, but I mean, why not? Who can resist cool stickers and cute, affordable jewelry?

At some point, I took a walk and explored what the vendors outside had to offer–it was a ridiculously hot and sticky day, so it’s nice that Kiana’s table was inside. Outside, I was able to meet several artists and buy several awesome pieces of jewelry as seen in the slideshow below. I used to be a very shy person and suppose I still am, but I’m getting a lot better at introducing myself to fellow artists and promoting myself. I also had the pleasure of talking to the artists I met a bit about being an author and asking if I could include them in my blog post about the event; you can see those pictures and get their links below as well.

me and ki

Kiana and I looking fabulous with our fabulous hair.

After the show ended, we stopped at Ted Drewe’s for some frozen custard–well, on Alex’s and Kiana’s part; I am allergic to milk and sugar, so custard to me = instant death–and then Alex was nice enough to drop me off at my car so I could rush off to the next day’s event, a wedding shower for a friend of mine from church, Crysania Marie Panganiban Snyder–yes, her name is so amazing and complicated to pronounce, I simply had to include the whole thing.

Again, I admit I don’t usually like events like wedding showers, but I am trying to branch out and be more social, and you know what, this one was actually really fun. I got to see friends of mine from church I haven’t gotten to really see or hang out with in ages, due to work schedules, school schedules, and just life in general. Plus, there was lots of amazing, allergy-free Filipino food that I can actually eat, and trust me–by that point, I was starving. I ate all the lumpia possible for me to eat–it’s still my favorite!

Also, there were games, and I love games. We played Pictionary; all the clues were wedding-related. My clue was “something old,” and the only thing I could think of to draw was this little, bent-over old lady, but hey, it worked and my team guessed right.


Brittany show-casing our team’s awesome toilet paper bridal design.

We also played a game where two teams had to create a bridal gown from toilet paper; the other team won due to their kick-ass sandals and ring they created, but I think our team’s dress was pretty rad too, especially with all the little flowers we added.

Mrs. Baker, the pastor’s wife, also gave this wonderful little devotional about marriage. She compared marriage to a see-saw and said that a solid marriage will start with God, as a solid base. The husband and wife rest at either end, and as men and women are so different, the see-saw will likely be bouncing up and down a lot, but it’s important that the couple seek God, work together, and try to balance that see-saw–and it’s especially important that both partners stay on; if one gets off, the other will fall.

101_0468She added words like “love,” “Bible,” and “prayer” to support the see-saw and grant it more stability. Then, once all these things were in place, she began adding family, work, church, and other, in order of importance. It was a great little analogy to help remind Christians like myself that when you trust God and seek His will first, He will help you with everything else. It was also a great reminder of the kind of teamwork needed in any relationship–and that both people need to be willing to ride that see-saw and stay on at all times. Otherwise, the whole thing will crumble.

Overall, the day was a wonderful, action-packed, productive experience. I have more plans throughout the week, so keep posted for Part II of my adventures, and in the meantime, enjoy the rest of the pictures from today’s events–and don’t forget to check out the links to Kiana’s page as well as those of all the other cool artists I met!

Pictures of Kiana’s art:

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Pictures of the rest of the day’s events:

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Links to Artists:

Kiana McCormick: Space Case

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