HeartScapes: “Heart Song”


Presenting “Heart Song,” the first song in my project “HeartScapes,” which will include several songs composed and recorded by yours truly.


Strum, strum, strum:
I hear your heart echo to me
Like a teasing, melodious drum.

Come, come, come:
I hear it beckon sweetly to me
With its soft, forgiving hum.

Put the past behind,
Let our hearts unwind,
And then
Let them entwine
Once again;
But as something new
And better than
What was before.

Hiss, hiss, hiss,
Your heart whispers a kiss
Like an aching that I miss.

Whir, whir, whir,
Your heart’s a gentle purr,
Luring me back inside your world.

Let me stay,
Let me play,
Let me breathe
In synchrony
With you.

Take my hand,
I’ll help you stand;
Stay a while,
Learn and love
With me.