Cameos, courtesy of Juxica Baroque. I can now start uploading the songs I’ve recorded to Youtube and other sites! “Schulze Sings” is for covers, and “Heart Scapes” is for originals.  

Commissions Are Open!!

Originally posted on Space Case:
Since my schedule is pretty much up in the air, I have a lot of free time on my hands. Why not open up commissions to fill the time when I’m not working? For sketches and lineart, I work with graphite/archival ink and bristol board. For waterolors, I work with…

Sneak Peek Into New Children’s Book!

Hiya! So, here is a sneak peek into my first illustrated children’s book, “The Adventures of William the Brownie.” Admittedly, posting these is bittersweet for me; I’d originally intended to work on the project with a friend. But, as my naive self has since learned, sometimes life unfortunately changes our plans. Thankfully, I’ve made a…