Welcome, fellow readers and lovers of fantasy! I’m Christine E. Schulze, author of fantasy adventure books for all ages, and I’m thrilled to make your acquaintance!

Most of my books are for young adult, with a few children’s books thrown in for funsies, filled with magic, adventure, and some romance too! One of my most important focuses as an author is to include diverse characters; this includes characters from various racial backgrounds, as well as starting to include more characters with disabilities. The latter is inspired by my day job at Trinity Services, where I work with awesome folks who have autism and other disabilities. I also donate 25% of my book profits to ALFA, the charity that funds many of our programs at Trinity in Southern Illinois.

autism-2377410_960_720Thanks for stopping by! I welcome you to stay and explore for a while. You can check out my books, find me on Facebook or Instagram, and learn more about the charity I give to, ALFA. You can also read my blog for the latest updates on upcoming book releases, book signings, and more! Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to my monthly newsletter, The Schulze FADBooks Review! FADBooks stands for “Fantasy, Adventure, Diversity, Books,” and the newsletter offers exclusive give-aways!

On that note, God bless, happy reading, and may you all be inspired!


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